CycleBar - NoHo


CycleBar - NoHo

New York City, USA

The CycleBar Story

CycleBar proclaims itself as ‘the world’s best cycling class’. Founded in 2004, CycleBar is one of the largest indoor-cycling companies in the world with over 200 locations opened, with an additional 200 franchises sold. Part of the Xponential group of fitness brands, CycleBar has a presence in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Try a class, and "clip into possibility".

How Did CycleBar Noho Score Overall?

The full client experience at CycleBar was great, achieving our Fit Guide 4-Star Award.

The class was also impressive and achieved our 4-Star Class Experience Award.

CycleBar NoHo is featured in our article The Best Cycling Studios And Experiences In New York.

The Highlights

The class experience was strong but it was the equipment and studio section that particularly stood out, with immaculately clean facilities and attractive studio design.

What Our Evaluator Had To Say

“The coach was well-prepared and explained everything well, including strong cues on technique.”

“The coach was enthusiastic and was clearly enjoying himself, which was infectious.”

“The bikes were high quality with a signature red glow underneath, which contributed to a great overall look for the studio space.”

What To Expect From A CycleBar Session

CycleBar is a premium indoor cycling offering that delivers high-energy, music-driven rides in a fun, supportive, and inclusive environment.

CycleBar offers a range of classes, from beginner to advanced, led by experienced and certified instructors. The studio features high-end technology to enhance the experience, including LED lighting, sound systems, and a performance tracking leaderboard.

The Reception Service

During our anonymous evaluation, the reception staff that we spoke to over the phone were helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. In the branch, the team guided the client through the process, but could have made a little more effort to engage and connect with the client.

The Class Experience

CycleBar NoHo has received The Fit Guide 4-Star Award for its excellent class experience.

The coach arrived early and was available to help people get set up, before conducting an induction. During the main session, the coach was confident and knowledgeable about form and technique and offered positive energy, but they did allow the class to run over time.

The Equipment And Studio

The equipment was extremely clean and in great condition, with numerous branding touches around the studio. Lighting effects were controlled by the coach and added to the class experience.

The Facilities And Public Areas

The public areas had an interesting industrial style with lofty ceilings and metal accents. Extras such as towels and water were plentiful and complimentary. Whilst the facilities were overall clean and smart, a few cleanliness issues were noted by our evaluator.

Workout and shower towels were provided free of charge. Lockers were provided with number locks. Free water refill stations were available.

Digital And Technology

CycleBar uses a performance tracking system with power meters on the bike and stats displayed on the screen. Whilst this is fun and motivating, the instructor only periodically shows the stats briefly on the screen, to keep the focus off the performance.

We found the website functional and informative, but more details could have been provided during the booking process to help us prepare, such as class policies.


CycleBar offers a ‘first ride free’ promo on their website for new clients.

If you’re looking for a longer-term commitment, memberships are available from $129 for four classes per month up to $299 for unlimited classes.

Drop-in sessions are available at $35 per class, with smaller commitment packages also available, starting at a five pack for $169.

Top Scoring Categories

Class Experience
Equipment & Studio
Digital & Technology

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Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.