What The Industry Says About The Fit Guide

We've consulted with experts and industry thought-leaders from both fitness and hospitality.

We are here to collaborate, and will to continue to work with the fitness industry to maintain a relevant and useful industry standard that inspires and promotes excellence.

Here's what fitness and hospitality leaders have to say about The Fit Guide.

Sean Tan

Jack is a rock and shining light in the fitness industry. He has been a strong advocate for collaboration within the industry. With his highly-regarded Fitness Business Asia podcast over the years, Jack has allowed the industry to benefit from insights from founders and top executives from a multitude of top brands in the industry from across the globe. Jack was selfless and doggedly continued his interviews and podcast through the recent pandemic, and in the process won the trust, admiration and respect of so many in the industry.

I am excited about the Fit Guide. We are an industry about fitness, but we are also very much a service industry. Unlike other industries like the F&B and hospitality industry, the fitness industry has never had a set of standards for services and facilities that would affect the customer experience. The Fit Guide will provide this set of standards, and an objective evaluation of how we are doing benchmarked against our peers. It will spur us on to strive to continually do better, and this can only be great for the industry.

Sean Tan, President and Co-founder of the Singapore Fitness Alliance (SFA)

Emma Barry

"Jack Thomas is a heavyweight in the fitness world – a five-star, serial-award-winning boutique owner, a key voice through his Fitness Business Asia Podcast, and an advisor to the industry. Jack’s insatiable desire to deliver what’s best in fitness drives him to demystify and accelerate the development of our sector for all. Jack’s generosity extends as a contributor to my newly updated Building a Badass Boutique - Audiobook by unlocking tried-and-true, pragmatic advice for fitness business owners to put into place immediately.

The Fit Guide is a global independent rating system across 250+ vetted standards and a two-sided tool serving customers seeking the ultimate global fitness experiences and facilities passionate about improving their journeys. Together, Jack and Matt are a match made in member-experience-making heaven. Combining forces to compound expertise for the fitness sector, what has been successfully delivered in hospitality."

Emma Barry, Co-founder of Good Soul Hunting and Global Fitness Authority

Mark Weingard

"Few people in the world of hospitality are as passionate and knowledgeable about quality as Matt Lavender. 

As a hotel inspector, then director of quality assurance programs for Hotel IQ and Forbes Travel Guide, Matt visited 100s of the world's very best hotels and restaurants and helped create the standards that the hospitality industry uses to measure excellence. In recent years, he's taken that knowledge and used it to help those who wish to be the best in class. For example, under Matt’s guidance, Iniala Harbour House became the first and only hotel in Malta to achieve Forbes Travel Guide’s prestigious five-star award.

The Fit Guide is really going to shake up the fitness industry, and I’m excited to be a witness to it."

Mark Weingard, Founder of Iniala Luxury Hotels and Inspirasia Foundation

Ross Campbell

"Jack Thomas has been a long-time ambassador and advocate for industry thought leadership and best practice. Through the Fitness Business Asia Podcast and his industry consultancy, he has spoken with hundreds of business owners on their strategies, investment plans and market outlooks. All these companies, mine include, hold Jack in very high regard for the insight he has, especially from being a world-class operator (with his BASE studios), as well as a leading market commentator and advisor.

The Fit Guide is a fantastic innovation that will help solve a growing challenge in our industry; how can we better internally analyse and improve customer journeys and experiences, as well as optimise general operational and marketing processes. I am very excited for the future of The Fit Guide and the positive impact it will deliver to our industry."

Ross Campbell, CEO of The Fit Summit and co-founder of the Singapore Fitness Alliance (SFA)

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Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.


Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.