Soultrain - Woolloomooloo

Soultrain - Woolloomooloo

Sydney, Australia

The Soultrain Story

Soultrain, founded by Erin Osei in 2012 in Darlinghurst, is regarded as one of the city’s leading HIIT and Strength gyms. The brand is dedicated to optimizing members' well-being and giving back to Sydney's local community through the Youth Gym Program. 

Located in Sydney, the club is introducing a spin studio and wellness room, complete with ice pods and saunas. This expansion will further establish Soultrain as a leading fitness and wellness hub.

Aligning state-of-the-art facilities with a commitment to both individual growth and communal betterment has helped Soultrain build a loyal following.

How Did Soultrain Score Overall?

The full client experience at Soultrain was good, achieving our Recommended rating.

The class was the highlight of our visit and has won our 4-Star Class Experience Award.

How was this club rated and evaluated? Find out more about our process here.

The Highlights

The class experience was a highlight of our visit, with the combination of strength and conditioning in the workout created a tough, but motivating session. The coach played their part by giving personalized coaching and encouragement.

What Our Evaluator Had To Say

“The coach was upbeat and supportive throughout the class.”

“The class structure was very clear and described well by the coach, helping us know exactly what was coming up.”

“The workout space had natural light beaming in through the windows, contributing to a nice environment to train in.”

What to Expect From A Soultrain Session

Soultrain is a no-nonsense club that is always ready to deliver a killer strength or conditioning workout. The club offer two classes: Sweat and Lift.

The Sweat class is a challenging, yet rewarding, HIIT workout that involves cardio work combined with strength exercises like hip thrusts, bench press and deadlifts.

Lift is a class fully dedicated to strength and is built around a range of effective compound lifts such as squats and rows. Expect full body strength work in a fun and supportive environment.

The Reception Service

All of our pre-visit calls to the club went to voicemail. On arrival, we were greeted by the coach, who was also in charge of registration. He was friendly and helpful, as well as clearly passionate about his craft.

After the session, he was confident and comfortable discussing our options for continued training.

The Class Experience

Soultrain received The Fit Guide 4-Star Class Experience Award, making it one of Sydney’s stand-out offerings.

Our coach's passion and enthusiasm made the class an enjoyable and memorable experience. He started strongly, by outlining the structure and aims of the class. He was very motivating and introduced us to the other people who shared our station, which prompted conversation and built the community vibe.

The class finished a few minutes late without a cooldown but was wrapped up with warm congratulations given to everyone who had joined.

The Equipment And Studio

The equipment was of high quality from reputable brands such as Concept 2 and Rogue. The studio had been recently renovated, leaving it looking fresh with lots of natural light pouring into the space.

The ceiling was high and there was plenty of space for all class participants. The equipment was clean and plentiful.

The Facilities And Public Areas

Towels and lockers were not provided at the club, but free water refill stations were available.

The club shared showers, toilets and changing rooms with a nearby youth club.

Digital And Technology

The club’s website provided a lot of information which helped prepare our evaluator for their visit. The club’s social media channels featured high-quality content but were updated infrequently. There was no element of technology woven into the workout experience.


Soultrain offers an introductory deal for first-time clients of seven days of unlimited sessions for $7.

If you’re looking for a longer-term commitment, memberships are available from $75 for three classes per week up to $99 for unlimited sessions per week.

Smaller commitment packages are also available, starting at a 10-pack for $300.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

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Equipment & Studio

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Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.