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UFIT - Club Street

Singapore, Singapore

The UFIT Story

UFIT, was founded in 2011 in Singapore by a team that included Dean Ahmad and James Forrester. In a young and developing Singapore fitness scene, UFIT started as an outdoor bootcamp before offering personal training and has since grown to become the country's largest independently owned health and fitness community.

UFIT has won numerous awards for quality and innovation and their flagship Club Street location, which launched in 2019, offers a wide range of classes and additional services, such as physiotherapy.

The brand, led by CEO Will Skinner, currently stands at four locations in Club Street, Orchard, Fairmont Hotel, and One North Business Park.

How Did UFIT Club Street Score Overall?

The full client experience at UFIT Club Street was very impressive, achieving our highest and prestigious The Fit Guide 5-Star Award.

The class was world-class winning our highest accolade, our 5-Star Class Experience Award.

The Highlights

The high-energy, enjoyable class was expertly led, and catered for participants of all ability levels. Friendly conversations between the coach and members gave a sense of a close-knit community.

What Our Evaluator Had To Say

“The coach brought up the energy in the room with his charisma and by giving genuine, individualized encouragement.”

“The training area clearly enhanced the sense of brand.”

“I liked the architectural design of the club, it felt like working out in a small piece of Singaporean history.”

What to Expect From A UFIT Session

UFIT offers a wealth of training and wellness options and services under a network of Singapore clubs. UFIT’s group class offerings include outdoor training options such as HIIT and Mat Pilates, as well as in-club sessions that incorporate their three pillars of performance: strength, power and cardio.

UFIT’s performance class types are broken down into power, mobility, cardio and strength, with additional options for Muay Thai and Boxing.

The brand is well-known for high-quality training and a strong community, and also offers a range of services at their flagship Club Street branch that includes personal training, physiotherapy, sports massage, and nutritional coaching, ensuring all your health and wellness needs are available under one roof.

The Reception Service

The reception services were handled by the coach and were quite brief and transactional. As a first time visitor to the club, a more thorough orientation of the space and club would have helped improve our arrival experience.

The Class Experience

UFIT Club Street has achieved The Fit Guide 5-Star Class Experience award for an exceptional class, putting it amongst the very best in Singapore and the industry.

The coach was enthusiastic, encouraging and made our evaluator feel excited for the session. Well-structured and confidently explained regressions and progressions ensured participants of all levels felt included in the class.

The Equipment And Studio

The studio and equipment were clean, functioning, and in good condition. Furthermore, the training area enhanced the sense of brand.

The Facilities And Public Areas

Workout and shower towels were provided free of charge. Lockers were provided with key locks. Free water refill stations were available.

The facilities were overall clean and well-appointed. Nice lighting and design features completed a strong aesthetic in the changing rooms

Digital And Technology

The website layout was neat and minimalistic, and navigation was smooth. The club offers the option to use MyZone heart rate tracking technology.


UFit Club Street offers an introductory deal to first-time clients of 10 days of unlimited classes for $49.

If you’re looking for a longer-term commitment, unlimited memberships are available from $396 per month.

There are smaller commitment packages also available, starting at 100 credits for $300 (one indoor class costs 15 credits).

All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

Top Scoring Categories

Class Experience
Equipment & Studio
Public Areas
Digital & Technology

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Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.