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Lab Studios - Duxton

Singapore, Singapore

The Lab Studios Story

Lab Studios, founded in 2016 by Jasmine Chong, is a fitness brand that offers both yoga and barre training. The mission of Lab Studios is to create safe and accessible spaces for people from all walks of life to explore their practice. They have three locations in Singapore: Duxton, East Coast, and Stanley Street.

Lab Studios also provides teacher training programs for yoga through Yoga Lab School, and have launched their own barre certification called Barre Lab Academy, with the aim of helping those wanting to learn proper and correct barre coaching.

How Did Lab Studios Duxton Score Overall?

The full client experience at Lab Studios Duxton was very good, achieving The Fit Guide 4-Star Award.

The class was the highlight of our visit, winning our highest accolade, our 5-Star Class Experience Award.

The Highlights

The way the professional and patient instructor took the time to personally help each individual participant was a real highlight of the visit. The dimmed lighting also enhanced the experience.

What Our Evaluator Had To Say

“The coach was super friendly, showing genuine interest in everyone and keeping up a great energy level throughout the session.”

“I felt very well taken care of as a newcomer.”

“It was a clean and comfortable environment and I enjoyed that the studio was dimmer than other yoga studios, making it feel like a special experience.”

What to Expect From A Lab Studios Session

Lab Studios offers yoga, barre and Pilates classes across their Singapore locations. Their yoga offering focuses on form, posture and alignment, providing options for all levels.

Yoga classes are typically 60 minutes long with class types such as Yoga Stretch and Yoga Basics for beginners, up to Yoga Playground and Yoga Flow for intermediates and above. Hot yoga and class options for prenatal are also available.

The Reception Service

The reception experience was transactional, lacking any special touches. Our evaluator would have appreciated a more thorough orientation to the facilities and some encouragement to continue training at the club.

The Class Experience

Lab Studios Duxton has achieved The Fit Guide 5-Star Class Experience award for an outstanding class, putting it amongst the very best in Singapore and the industry.

The friendly coach made conversation with our evaluator before the class and then offered personalized service throughout the session. He was patient and encouraging with participants, and made the class fun and interesting.

Our evaluator was also introduced to new stretches that could be tried out at home by the instructor. This went above and beyond and offered a nice personal touch to the class experience.

The Equipment And Studio

It was a clean and comfortable environment, with our evaluator enjoying the dim studio lighting.

The Facilities And Public Areas

Towels and lockers were not provided. A free water station was available.

The public areas were overall clean and well-maintained but were somewhat cramped. The wooden design theme was consistent throughout.

Digital And Technology

The website was easy to navigate and booking the class was a simple process. Communication from the club via email was very helpful and professional.


Lab Studios Duxton offers two introductory deals for first-time clients. You can enjoy two classes of either Barre or Yoga for $40 or give Reformer Pilates a try with their offer of four classes for $120.

If you’re looking for a longer-term commitment larger, class packages are available, such as 150 sessions for $2,850.

Drop-in sessions are available at $35 per regular class and $49 per Reformer Flow class, with smaller commitment regular packages also available, starting at five sessions for $175.

All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

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Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.