Pure Barre - Union Square


Pure Barre - Union Square

New York City, USA

The Pure Barre Story

Pure Barre, founded in 2001 by dancer Carrie Rezabek Dorr, is the world’s largest Barre brand with over 600 locations worldwide. Now part of Xponential Fitness group of studio concepts, Pure Barre is still growing fast, with over 100 more locations due to open. Its biggest presence is in the US, with locations also in Canada and Germany.

Pure Barre, with a mission to create a space where women and men share a sense of empowerment and community, strives to offer “more than just a barre workout”.

Digital on-demand classes are available through the Xponential+ platform.

How Did Pure Barre Union Square Score Overall?

The full client experience at Pure Barre Union Square was very good, achieving our Fit Guide 4-Star Award.

The class was very impressive, winning our prestigious and highest 5-Star Class Experience Award.

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The Highlights

The class experience, guided by a personable and warm coach, was one of the best we experienced in New York.

What Our Evaluator Had To Say

“Our instructor was especially friendly, making sure that she connected with everyone in the class.”

“The instructor’s energy really helped make it a fun experience.”

“She did a great job of mixing up motivating instruction to the room with individual encouragement and coaching.”

What To Expect From A Pure Barre Session

Pure Barre offers four 50-minute class formats catering to different goals and ability levels. Their proprietary method is low-impact and uses tools such as balls and bands. Pure Barre Foundations is a recommended first step into trying their trademark small movements, that are designed to strengthen and tone your body. This initial session is free and offers a great introduction to their method.

Pure Barre Classic is their signature session for all levels, Pure Barre Empower is a barre and high-intensity interval training blend, and Pure Barre Reform uses sliders, as well as the classic bands and barre, to get your strength, coordination, and balance working.

The Reception Service

Our pre-visit call offered basic information on what to expect. On arrival, the staff were overall friendly and helpful. After the class, their team did a good job of helping us continue our training.

The Class Experience

Pure Barre Union Square has achieved The Fit Guide 5-Star Class Experience Award for an exceptional class, putting it amongst the very best in New York and the industry.

Our evaluators found their class exceptional from start to finish. Our instructor effortlessly guided us through a well-planned and structured class, with numerous touch points with every member throughout; whether it was a small adjustment in form to get more from the exercise or gentle encouragement using our name. A true five-star experience befitting of their award.

The Equipment And Studio

The studio had an attractive design with all the equipment we needed for the session.

The Facilities And Public Areas

The public areas were nicely designed and definitely in line with the brand. There were no shower facilities available at the club.

Workout towels were not available. Lockers were provided with number locks. Free water refill stations were available.

Digital And Technology

We were easily able to make a reservation online, and there was a good amount of information provided on the website.


Pure Barre offers a ‘first class free’ promo on their website as well as a 30% discount on the first month of a three-month unlimited session membership.

If you’re looking for a longer-term commitment, memberships are available from $139 for four classes per month up to $209 for unlimited classes.

Drop-in sessions are available at $38 per class, with smaller commitment packages also available, starting at a five pack for $189.

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Class Experience
Equipment & Studio
Digital & Technology

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Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.