New York City, USA


GRIT BXNG's single location was founded in 2019 in Union Square, New York. The brand is famous for its fully-licensed bar where class goers can grab a drink and socialise after the session. Ediva Zanker, one of the co-founders, realised that while she loved to join classes around the city, it was hard to make friends. The club has attracted celebrity investors such as Tony Robbins and Pitbull.

How Did GRIT BXNG Score Overall?

The full client experience at GRIT BXNG was impressive, achieving our The Fit Guide 4-Star Award.

The class was also very good, winning our Class Experience 4-Star Award.

The Highlights

The flow of the class was very smooth, and the coach personalized the experience well. The design of the studio and inclusion of branding elements, combined with awesome light and sound effects, created a great atmosphere in the club.

What Our Evaluator Had To Say

“The equipment was high end and premium and the studio space featured impressive lighting effects that added a very special element to the experience.”

“The coach did a great job overall and kept the atmosphere pumping, much like an MC.”

“The website and social media material portrayed the values and community aspect of the gym very strongly."

What To Expect From A GRIT BXNG Session

A typical Grit Bxng class is divided into three sections: treadmill runs, water boxing bags and floor strength work on benches.

Cycling through the three zones, you can expect interval runs with inclines on the treadmills, quickfire combos on the water bags, and dumbbell and bodyweight exercises on the benches.

The coaches are fun, loud, and packed with superstar appeal and the experience is an assault on the senses - the good kind!

The Reception Service

Our calls to the branch before our visit were not answered, however, on arrival, the reception staff were friendly and helpful. They also made a strong effort afterwards to help us continue our training at the club.

The Class Experience

Grit Bxng has received our coveted 4-Star Class Experience Award, placing it amongst the leading clubs in New York's fitness scene.

The coach was energetic, fun and made a big effort to connect with each member at least once during the class. He had the star power of an event MC, but a few more personal touches, especially before and after the workout, would have been helped enhance the experience.

The Equipment And Studio

The big screen behind the class, coupled with the sound system, helped create a spectacular and exciting atmosphere. The equipment was well stocked, plentiful, and high end. At times, the studio space felt a little cramped with limited space offered for some of the movements, such as the twisting squat jumps.

The Facilities And Public Areas

The public areas were impressive in design and lighting with a crisp and minimalist feel. There were many interesting features dotted around the studio such as artwork and a glitter boxing bag in the front window. Whilst the public areas were largely clean, the level of cleanliness could have been to a higher standard in some areas.

Workout and shower towels were provided free of charge. Lockers were provided with number locks. Free water refill stations were available.

Digital And Technology

The booking process was smooth and intuitive and the communications got us excited for the visit, such as their instruction to “Grit, Don’t Quit”. The in-class technology showed us what we should be doing, making the session easy to follow, even during the busy class.

To round off a strong digital presence, the website does a great job of communicating what the GRIT brand is about, telling us “Grit is a rush. A spirit. A more powerful you.”


GRIT BXNG offers a ‘buy one get one free’ promo on their website, giving you the chance to attend two classes for $39.

If you’re looking for a longer-term commitment, memberships are available from $159 for six classes per month up to $199 for unlimited classes.

Drop-in sessions are available at $39 per class, with smaller commitment packages also available, starting at a five pack for $179.

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Class Experience
Equipment & Studio
Public Areas
Digital & Technology

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Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.