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WIT Training

London, UK

The WIT Training Story

WIT was founded by Dan Williams and Sam Kitching with their retail and training hybrid concept launching in 2017 after a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign.

The top floor of their store, located in London’s financial district, was dedicated to fitness clothing and merchandise, with the ground floor dedicated to training. The brand exploded in popularity for both gear and Crossfit training, with deals inked with both Nike and Crossfit HQ, and numerous sponsorship deals with top athletes.

The brand has made a huge impact in London’s fitness scene, with regular seminars with world class coaches and in-house events for the Crossfit community.

How Did WIT Training Score Overall?

The full client experience at WIT Training was impressive, achieving The Fit Guide 4-Star Award.

The class was also very good, winning our Class Experience 4-star Class Experience Award.

The Highlights

The training space was something quite special, especially in such a prime London location. The upstairs retail area was also a nice compliment, with a huge range of quality training gear available. Our coach for the day was clearly very knowledgeable and well versed in Crossfit.

What Our Evaluator Had To Say

“The coach made an effort to learn the names of the class members.”

“The design of the club was impressive, and the ability to use high-quality Puma weightlifting shoes and Theraguns for free was a big plus.”

“Individual adjustments to form were given throughout the session.”

What To Expect From A WIT Training Session

The ground floor of the WIT store is home to WIT Crossfit, a spacious, striking training space in St Pauls, London.

WIT’s signature offering is Metcon, which is their Crossfit class which starts with a skill or strength element. For example, you may practice handstand walks as the skill, with suitable regressions for beginners, or a back squat for the strength element

The is followed by a WOD, or ‘Workout of the Day’, which typically combines cardio and strength in a format that encourages maximum output and effort.

Other offerings include gymnastics, strength and endurance classes, as well as personal training for those who want to perfect a skill, or get a proper introduction to Crossfit at their pace.

The Reception Service

We were unable to reach the branch as no phone number was listed online.

In the club, the staff was professional and made us feel welcome and ready for the session. There was a comfortable waiting area and a dedicated Theragun section for participants to try the massage gun tech, which was a particularly nice touch.

On enquiring about packages and continuing our training, we were told to scan a QR code for options and to purchase.

The Class Experience

WIT Training received The Fit Guide 4-star Class Experience Award, making it one of London’s stand-out offerings.

The coach made a real effort to connect with everyone beforehand and understand their ability and experience level, which was a good start. Our Metcon class was focused on a specific skill, the handstand push up, which provided a real challenge.

Throughout the class, the coach used simple, helpful cues when demonstrating the exercises, without using too many words or jargon. He was energetic and upbeat, and danced to the music during some of the work sets, whilst still keeping a keen eye on the class.

A little more focus on the first timers and beginners would have helped improve the experience for us, as we were very new to the skill of the day.

The Equipment And Studio

The training area was well lit and spacious, with some interesting features such as ceiling lights and motivational quotes on the walls. Overall, the space was impressive and had a strong sense of brand.

The Facilities And Public Areas

Shower towels were provided free of charge, but workout towels were not. Lockers were provided, although you had to bring your own padlock. Free water refill stations were not available.

Overall the facility was impressive, with a nice aesthetic, a comfortable waiting area and a dedicated Theragun area for participants of the class. There were also Puma Fuse 2 shoes available to use for free. The changing rooms had on brand artwork and quotes displayed, which was a nice touch, but overall they did not match the high standards of the other public areas.

Digital And Technology

The online booking process was simple and smooth, and the website contained a lot of interesting information about the club. There was no element of technology integrated into the class experience.


WIT Training offers an introductory deal for first-time clients. Newcomers can enjoy a free session at the club before committing to a larger package.

If you’re looking for a longer-term commitment, memberships are available from £190 for 13 classes per month up to £230 for 30 classes.

Drop-in sessions are available at £25 per class, with smaller commitment packages also available, starting at a five-pack for £115.

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Reception Services
Class Experience
Equipment & Studio
Digital & Technology

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Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.