Metabolic London - Clapham


Metabolic London - Clapham

London, UK

The Metabolic London Story

Metabolic London was founded in 2017 by Lawrence Hannah, an ex-pro hockey player. Armed with investment from Denise Lewis, the gold medal-winning Olympian, Metabolic launched its first North West London studio with a goal of helping people feel mentally and physically stronger and healthier.

Their energetic and community-based approach to HIIT and strength training has since helped them build a strong and loyal following.

How Did Metabolic London Score Overall?

The full client experience at Metabolic London was notable, achieving our Recommended rating.

The class was a highlight of our visit, winning our Class Experience 4-Star Class Experience Award.

The Highlights

The class experience was very strong, with the coach putting in a big effort. He was working hard to ensure everyone got a great workout.

What Our Evaluator Had To Say

“The coach was always on their feet and moving around the class to check in on each client.”

“The exercises were clearly written on a whiteboard to help guide the class.”

Our coach for the session gave a clear explanation on what we could expect."

What To Expect From A Metabolic London Session

Metabolic London offers a mix of HIIT and strength work over numerous class types and formats. The 4,000 sq ft space has SkiErgs, air bikes and rowers for cardio and kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and other free weight tools for the strength work.

Class types include Metabolic, which is a classic mix of HIIT and strength; Meta Circuit, which offers “old school” circuit training; Challenge, which sets the goal of completing listed exercises in a set time frame; and Intensity, which is about going at maximum pace in short bursts.

Calisthenics classes are also available for bodyweight training enthusiasts.

The Reception Service

We were unable to make a phone call to the club prior to our visit, as all three of our attempts were not answered.

In the club, the coach was conducting the check ins, which was tough for him as he was in the middle of a personal training session. Once he had time and came over to us, he was warm, friendly and helpful.

The Class Experience

Metabolic London received The Fit Guide 4-Star Class Experience Award, making it one of London’s stand-out offerings.

Our coach was both enthusiastic and knowledgeable, offering very strong and easy-to-follow cues on each of the exercises. He ensured the workout was at the right level for everyone, pushing us in a positive and encouraging manner. During the class set up, some exercises were not demonstrated visually, so we weren’t sure on the correct or best form.

The Equipment And Studio

Cardio equipment was high-quality and from well-known brands. Everything was in good condition, bar some wear and tear. There was a large Metabolic London logo on the wall but equipment wasn’t branded.

The Facilities And Public Areas

Shower towels were provided free of charge, but workout towels were not. Lockers were provided with number locks. Free water refill stations were not available.

We joined the first class of the day, and it appeared as though the changing rooms hadn’t been attended to from the previous evening’s sessions.

Digital And Technology

The digital booking process worked well. The website was easy to navigate but lacked information on the individual coaches.

There was no technology element woven into the class experience.


Metabolic London offers an introductory deal for first-time clients. Newcomers can enjoy three sessions for a special price of £30

If you’re looking for a longer-term commitment, memberships are available from £125 for unlimited calisthenics classes every month to £150 for unlimited classes of all varieties.

Drop-in sessions are available at £20 per class, with smaller commitment packages also available, starting at a five-pack for £95.

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Class Experience

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Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.