Level Up Pilates - Dubai Hills


Level Up Pilates - Dubai Hills

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Level Up Pilates Story

Level Up Pilates, located in Dubai Hills, specializes in Pilates while also offering some yoga and barre classes. The brand's philosophy centers on the holistic benefits of consistent practice and how its positive impact will affect not just individuals but also their wider social circles and the community. 

The club has a thriving community “who come together to grow and to reach their full potential both in practice and in life.”

How Did Level Up Pilates Score Overall?

The full client experience at Level Up Pilates was positive, achieving our Recommended rating.

The class experience was notable and also achieved our Recommended rating.

The Highlights

Our pre-visit phone call and the front desk service were exceptional and one of the strong highlights of our visit to Level Up Pilates. The upbeat and friendly nature of our instructor also added to the experience.

What Our Evaluator Had To Say

“The coach was always engaged during the class and made sure that the class participants were comfortable throughout.”

“Every interaction with the reception staff was warm and friendly. They made me feel very welcome.”

“The studio utilized their small space brilliantly.”

What to Expect From A Level Up Pilates Session

Level Up Pilates aims to provide an innovative and holistic approach to the practice, delivering a range of classes that are suitable for ages and levels. Their spaces are bright with a modern design, offering a powerful environment to improve yourself.

Class types include Reformer, with beginner to advanced options offered; Fitness, which combines Mat Pilates, dance, barre and mobility work and Mind & Body, which incorporates breathing and meditation techniques to center the mind and body. Aerial, Kids classes and private sessions are also available.

The Reception Service

The concept at Level Up Pilates was explained wonderfully by a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff during our call to the club.

On arrival, the team were busy with other clients but acknowledged us by saying that they’d be with us in a moment. They were very friendly and welcoming, taking the time to let us know all about the space and concept, which made us feel very comfortable as a first-time visitor.

After the class, the team did a fantastic job of talking through the packages in an informative and helpful way, asking us questions along the way to help find us the right training package.

The Class Experience

Level Up Pilates received our Recommended rating for the Class Experience.

During the class, our instructor was professional, knowledgeable and engaged. Explanations were clear with strong demonstrations and verbal cues. Offering more personalized service before and after the class would have improved the experience.

The Equipment And Studio

The classroom and the equipment were well-maintained, offering comfortable space for each Reformer. The equipment and reformer were high quality and well-organized in the studio space.

The Facilities And Public Areas

Workout and shower towels were not provided. Lockers were provided with number locks. Free water refill stations were not available.

Whilst not striking in terms of design, sense of brand or ambience, the public areas were overall clean and in good condition.

Digital And Technology

Despite a fairly basic design, the website had good functionality and had sufficient information to prepare us for our visit.


Level Up Pilates offers an introductory deal for first-time clients. Newcomers can enjoy a one-week unlimited pass for a special price of 525AED.

If you’re looking for a longer-term commitment, larger class package deals are available from 2490AED, for 24 fitness classes, and 2820AED, for 24 reformer, chair and aerial classes.

Drop-in sessions are available at 135AED per fitness class and 155AED per reformer, chair and aerial session. Smaller commitment packages are also available, starting at 6-packs of sessions for 685AED and 780AED for the respective class types.

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Get exclusive fitness industry insights and discover the world's best clubs and studios.

Insider knowledge, statistics and valuable analysis based on our deep data set. Delivered to your inbox, every Wednesday.